Issue #45, Spring 2015

Artikel aus dem Magazin

We do think socks need more attention! | Photo: SmartWool/Tyler Stableford
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
As equipment, socks tend to be somewhat overlooked. However, they can be key to the success of a day’s hike or ski. Using the SmartWool socks from the Globetrotter range as an example, it becomes…
Paddling in a dream setting at Stadtparksee in Hamburg. | Foto: Michael Neumann
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
When I see a lake I don’t need the sea any more! Especially when I can test out many boats on the lake and experience a great program of events – like at GlobeBoot in six Globetrotter Frankfurt,…
Fjäll as far as the eye can see. There could have been a bit more snow though. | Photo: Moritz Schäfer
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
Every year, Globetrotter sends some of its staff to Sweden so that they can learn everything important about winter tours in the hills. 4-Seasons editor Moritz Schäfer took part, and sums up his…
The winners of the first prize with Dagmar Berghoff  and Globetrotter co-founder Klaus Denart (2.f.r.). | Photo: Denise Schmidt
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
Never before were so many projects submitted for the Hanse-Umweltpreis (environmental award) than in 2014. So, there were suddenly more winners.
Strong performance in difficult terrain: the medium high  premium hiker Keen Durand Mid WP, here the men’s  version.
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
Keen became famous with sandals. And Globetrotter has long since realised that the Americans can also make sturdy shoes!
Photo competition #21:  “Winter selfies”
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
With a snowboard in Bregenzer Wald, on the bob run in Bad Hindelang, on a dog sled ride in Greenland. Here are the winning photos of the best self portraits on snowy-white winter trips.
Prof. Dr. Tomas Jelinek leitet das Berliner Centrum für Reise- und Tropenmedizin.
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
The aim of the WHO is to vaccinate as many people as possible against polio and thereby eradicate the disease. The goal seemed to be close at hand at the end of the 1990s. Since then however, the…
Der Osprey Atmos AG 50 setzt Maßstäbe. | Quelle: 4-Seasons
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
Is there such a thing as perfect equipment? Absolutely. In state of the art, 4-Seasons introduces equipment which sets the benchmarks in its class. Today the trekking backpack Osprey Atmos AG 50.
Kristin (19), Ole (19) and Lukas (19) has travelled through Sweden.
04.03.2015 | Artikel |
Students from Hamburg experienced the consequences of climate change in Sweden’s forests. They talk about their impressions below.
Perfect paddle terrain: the lakes in southern Norway.
05.03.2015 | Artikel |
Explore the lakeland scenery near Sirdal with canoe and tent. »Globetrotter Akademie« recommends.