GM Issue #4, Winter 2016


Artikel aus dem Magazin

Time to get to know Mr. Wilderness. Big interview with Johan Skullman.
23.11.2016 | Artikel |
He is the expert for northern countries, a survival guru and equipment pope. The Swede with the steely look is already an institution in Scandinavia - and willingly shares his knowledge of the…
17.11.2016 | Artikel |
Mateusz Waligóra from Poland has crossed the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia on foot. A seven day walk on his own across the biggest salt lake in the world.
17.11.2016 | Artikel |
A work-out outside, and a warm-up inside – cross-country skiers find the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation in Saalfelden-Leogang. And how about a trip on touring skis?
17.11.2016 | Artikel |
Cruising with the family in a camper van through the Pacific Northwest (Canada/USA) can be quite like a fairytale journey. Especially if the daughter is really into man-eating animals.
Harzer Brockenbahn under full steam. | Photo: Ralf Gantzhorn
17.11.2016 | Artikel |
For many of us, a real German winter is just a distant childhood memory. Ralf Gantzhorn went looking for snow, ice and the cold – and found it on the Harz Witches' Trail.
Fall in love with the new and patented Arc’teryx zipper without a zipper garage. | Photo: Arc'teryx
17.11.2016 | Artikel |
Greg Grenzke does not have an easy job. He has to improve perfectionism. But that's life as a product designer at Arc’teryx. Now he and his Canadian colleagues have come up trumps again: with…
18.11.2016 | Artikel |
Is there such a thing as perfect equipment? Absolutely. In state of the art, the editors introduce equipment which sets the benchmarks in its class. In this episode: the winter boot for children – …
17.11.2016 | Artikel |
Tajikistan is wild and wonderful, a blank spot on the tourist map. A team from Globetrotter went on a tour to the Pamir Mountains and returned delighted. In 2017, the Globetrotter Academy will…