GM Issue #3, Autumn 2016


Artikel aus dem Magazin

15.09.2016 | Artikel |
The city boasts one of the most important airports in Europe, and is the starting point for great trips – but it has a lot to offer itself, too.
Who wants to go skiing at the end of May in Norway, must also be able to walk well.
13.09.2016 | Artikel |
Who came up with this crazy idea? Driving as far north as possible at the end of May where the sun shines 24 hours a day to then ski down a mountain at midnight.
The backpack for the journey to the office and after-work bouldering. | Source: Globetrotter Magazine
14.09.2016 | Artikel |
Is there such a thing as perfect equipment? Absolutely. In state of the art, the editors introduce equipment which sets the benchmarks in its class.
One of everbody´s favourite dreams: Phototime in Serengeti.
31.08.2016 | Artikel |
Everybody has one in their head and close to their heart – the personal bucket list of dream destinations. May some destination always remain unattained.
Northern Lights at the polar circle. | Photo: Ingo Hübner
25.08.2016 | Artikel |
A cruise along the Norwegian coast on the Hurtigruten route is a classic. And even more so in winter, in search of the Northern Lights. And in the darkness, there is not only magic in the sky.
25.08.2016 | Artikel |
Arc’teryx AR-395a – Climbing harness with legendary family tree.
25.08.2016 | Artikel |
Bikepacking – cycling nowadays.
26.08.2016 | Artikel |
The original from the Himalayas becomes a part of Globetrotter family.
25.08.2016 | Artikel |
Lakes, forests, volcanoes – Chile’s “Zona Sur” is the perfect terrain for your first trip to South America. The place to wander, wonder and enjoy…
24.08.2016 | Artikel |
In 1978, Fjällräven developed a backpack for Swedish school kids. Today, the Kånken is one of the style icons of the world – and is now getting a very sustainable brother.