Globetrotter Academy

Globetrotter manager Andreas Barmann (left) is laying the first stone. | Photo: Achim Messerschmidt
A meeting point for nature lovers, people hungry for adventurers and thirsty for knowledge, for groups, bon vivants, companies and families: the Globetrotter Academy in Schleswig-Holstein will be just that and includes a hotel, restaurant and many more attractions.

In August, Globetrotter manager Andreas Bartmann laid the foundation of the eight hector site in the municipality Ascheffel, at the foot of the 98.4 metre high Aschberg mountain. The almost »one-hundreder« has always been a tourist attraction. You can see the Baltic Sea from the top on clear days.

This computer simulation shows the adjoining hotel with its 30 rooms. | Simulation: Prof. Moths Architekten
Located 105 kilometres north of the headquarters in Hamburg, Globetrotter is building an outdoor adventure academy at a cost of eleven million euros. Slated to open in summer 2013, it is not only a centre for employee training: Globetrotter‘s customers will also be able to attend courses. Next to the building with the course rooms, they are erecting a 28 metre high, watchtower which will be open to the public – with a climbing wall on the back.

Companies will be able to stay in the adjoining 30-room four-star »Aschberg Lodge« hotel and go sailing or climbing in the trees on a nearby high-rope course to strengthen company cohesion for example.

It is not a new place for a watchtower: there had been one on the site up to 1918. The new one is part of the Globetrotter Academy. | Simulation: Prof. Moths Architekten
Families will find many attractions in the surrounding area such as paddling, horse-riding and cycling. Besides the academy in the new building designed by Globetrotter‘s architect Holger Moths, there will also be a youth hostel for school classes.

On the gastronomy side, open for day visitors too, there will be a bistro with snacks as well as the restaurant »Campfire«. It offers top-quality local and seasonal specialities and can accommodate 80 people outside. The campfire and the Aschberg Lodge can also be a place for family celebrations – if Globetrotters want to get married…



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