Ally Tour 16.5 DR: State of the art

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Is there such a thing as perfect equipment? Absolutely. In state of the art, 4-Seasons introduces equipment which sets the benchmarks in its class. Today the Ally Tour 16.5 DR


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Interactive facts

  • Floor mat

    The foam mat made of two layers of EVA insulates against the cold, cushions bumps and provides floatation in case of a capsize.
  • Shape of hull

    Dimension and shape are similar to the Prospector, a canoe developed more than 100 years ago in North America, known as the workhorse of the North. Round-bodied for load capacity, deep enough at the ends for directional stability on shallow water tours and equipped with a rocker for manoeuvrability, so the shape comes pretty close to being the perfect allrounder. The 16,5 DR is the most universal Ally canoe – suitable for beginners and specialists alike.
  • Seats

    The bucket seats are made of Nylon PA66, the legs are made of saltwater-resistant 682/T6 aluminium and seat inclination is adjustable. They can be moved forwards and backwards so that rocker can be trimmed by body positioning. A third seat is available as an option (Globetrotter order number 10.02.46, 139,95 €).
  • Repair

    You can repair little holes or flaws with waterproof tape. At home or at the basecamp in the evening, the repair can be made more permanent with patches from the repair set supplied. More severe damage should be glued from the outside and inside. Sew long rips with wire or fishing line and afterwards, glue a strip of synthetic material over it. Broken tubes or frames can be splinted while travelling. This is done by sawing the broken bit off to leave smooth ends and inserting a stick to join the broken items together. A few layers of tape wound around the provisional repair stabilize it even more. All pieces can be ordered separately.
  • Framework

    2 stems (arches), 1 straight rocker, 2 saxboards, 3 double length frames, 8 cross frames. The tubes are made of saltwater-resistant 682/T6 aluminium. The longitudinal frames can be put together and folded apart like tent poles. Clips and fittings made of Nylon (PA 66) stabilise the cross frames and longitudinal frames.
  • Boat skin

    The outside material made of fibreglass-reinforced PVC will also resist more forceful collisions with stones or gravel banks. It is sewed and welded and has a specially reinforced bottom (DR model). Before going on challenging tours, it is possible to reinforce the keel and stems with additional synthetic straps from the expedition repair set.
  • Transport

    Taken apart, the Ally folding canoe fits into the 255 litre canoe bag “Drammen” by Meru. Size 145 cm x 80 cm (Globetrotter order number: 19.22.60, 30,95 €).


4-Seasons Tip


Do not become discouraged when assembling the boat for the first time! With a little bit of practise, it can be done in around 30 minutes with only one rubber hammer (included). A video tutorial on:


The main facts

Product Category

Sturdy folding expedition canoe for 2-3 people with luggage. Also available in other lengths and hull shapes.


From one or multi-day tours with children to comprehensive tours with luggage and up to wilderness expeditions in whitewater grade III+.


Absolute bestseller amongst folding canoes.


Bergans of Norway AS, Hokksund, Norway.

Strategy / Idea

Ragnar Jensen, business executive of Bergans of Norway AS.

Technical Details

Weight: 17.5 kg. Length: 500 cm. Width: 95 cm (saxboard), 85 cm (water line). Height: 36 cm (saxboard), 47 cm (stern). Colour: green. Bucket seats: 2. Load capacity: 380 kg. Globetrotter order number: 10.02.51. Price: 1799,95 €.


The Norwegian Ragnar Jensen is the inventor of the Ally folding canoes, today he is the business executive of Bergans. In 1972, he toiled away on portages with a heavy wooden canoe when paddling the northern Rogen lake on the Swedish-Norwegian boarder. He wished he had a lighter and more flexible boat, so Ragner and his friend tinkered in the garage during winter. The prototype: a hybrid mix of kayak and canoe, an aluminium framework covered with a tarp. Portages became childishly easy with a boat weighing 18 kilograms and only 15 feet in length, and the equipment aroused curiosity in the scene. During the following winter, the hull was shaped like that of a Canadian canoe and a skin featuring fibre-glass reinforced PVC was used. Alone in 1974, 190 boats were sold. In the mid 1980s, Ragnar Jensen became a shareholder of the outdoor manufacturer Bergans of Norway and took Ally with him into the company. The product range at Globetrotter now features seven different models – for the comfortable lake tour to the whitewater expedition.



I paddled almost 50,000 kilometres through North America with the Ally. It even mastered wild water very well because the slightly flexible hull just climbed over the waves.
Øystein Køhn, Ally co-developer and test paddler

The Tour 16,5 DR is the folding canoe with the biggest range of usage – from a family tour on the Alster to an expedition on the Mountain River.
Volker Detlefsen, department manager boats, Globetrotter Hamburg


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