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GM Issue #6, Summer 2017

Climber Stefan Glowacz | Manufacturer Aku | Dreamtrip Namibia

GM Issue #5, Spring 2017

Roadtrip Europe | Wales Coath Path | City Guide Berlin | Manufacturer: Primus

GM Issue #4, Winter 2016

Johan Skullman | Across the salt lake | City Guide Munich | Tadschikistan

GM Issue #3, Autumn 2016

Animal Friend | Project: Hamburg, our paddlegem | City Guide Frankfurt | Travel Serengeti

GM Issue #2, Summer 2016

Cycling to Afrika | City Guide Hamburg | Travel Norway

GM Issue #1, Spring 2016

Honeymoon XXL | Japan for beginners | Michael Martin

Issue #48, Winter 2015

Living the dream: Jane Goodall | Travel: Alternative parental leave | Dream trip: Oman


Issue #47, Autumn 2015

Living the dream: Climbing trip USA | Manufacturer: Icebreaker | Puchase advice: Sleeping bag and mat

Issue #46, Summer 2015

Living the dream: the Blum family

Projects: Bird photography

Dream trip: Iceland

Issue #45, Spring 2015

Living the dream: Arved Fuchs

Equipment advice: What you need for Kilimanjaro

Dream trip: Crossing Lapland

Issue #44, Winter 2014

Living the dream: Ice bear photographer Florian Schulz

Equipment advice: Winter cycling

Dream trip: Oslo – Trondheim with fat bikes

Issue #43, Autumn 2014

Project: Mountains in the light

Equipment advice: Cooker

Dream trip: Val Grande

Issue #42, Summer 2014

Ralf Gantzhorn – Mountain photographer from the plain
Equipment advise: Tents
Dream trip: Noatak River

Issue #41, Spring 2014

Living the dream: Carsten Peter photographs for National Geographic. | Project: Vienna's wilderness | Travel: Spitsbergen

Issue #40, Winter 2013

Living the dream: Jena, Jemen, Jurte | Project: Trampling in style | Travel: Seychelles

Issue #39, Autumn 2013

Living the dream: sabbatical year | Project: Making the handbook | Travel: Chile

Issue #38, Summer 2013

Living the dream: Cycle the world

Projects: Bike2Boat

Travel: Bavarian pearls

Issue #37, Spring 2013

Living the Dream: Cecilie Skog

Projects: A balloon journey

Equipment advice: Family hike

Dream trip: Lyngen Alps

Issue #36, Winter 2012

Living the Dream: Roadtrip with babies

Projects: Skiing through Abruzzo

Equipment advice: Backpacking

Dream trip: Fjällräven Polar

Issue #35, Autumn 2012

Globetrotter of the Year: Wide Awake in Africa

Project: Go climb a sea stack!

Equipment Advice: Manaslu
Dream Trip: Slot Canyons in Utah